Frequently Asked Questions

*Will you spam my cell phone number?

No. We promise never to sell or rent to anyone else your cell phone number. Each week, we will send an extra text with a link to all of the quotes and the weekly newsletter. Also, toward the end of the your subscription term, we may send a text or two encouraging you to re-subscribe, but that will be the “extras” you can expect from us.

*Can I submit a quote for the Quote a Day?

Yes! We welcome all suggestions of quotes from any of our current Text a Day calendars, as well as suggestions for other text offerings. You can email them to

*Are the quotes family friendly?

Yes! All quotes are family friendly.

*How can I learn more, what’s new, and receive the quotes in an email?

Each week, we send out an email with a list of all of the quotes from the prior week, other sources, and more.

*Can I unsubscribe if I do not want to continue my Text a Day calendar?

Yes! Email from the email you used to purchase the subscription, and we will promptly unsubscribe you. Unfortunately, partial or full refunds cannot be offered at this time; if we are able to do so in future, this page will be updated.

*Why does the image of the Jane Austen font look familiar?

Great spotting! Yes, the image in the Jane Austen Text a Day Calendar pages is based on a privately held photograph of reproduction wallpaper at Jane Austen’s House, known as Chawton Cottage, where Jane Austen lived and wrote. The wallpaper is called “Rosebud Moire,” based on period wallpaper that was discovered in renovation of the cottage. You can read more about how the wallpaper was recreated here.

*Can I start the texts on a different day than January 1?

Yes! When you purchase your calendar, you can specify a date to begin the subscription. If you give it as a gift, your recipient will select their own start date.