Text a Day Monthly—new for 2023

The perfect no-clutter gift

Looking for a splendid gift for yourself of someone special?

Consider A Text a Day Monthly series.

It’s just as it sounds—a text every day, on the theme you choose.

Current offerings:

Jane Austen Text a Day

–a quote each day from the beloved author’s classic novels. Charming!

Jane Austen Text a Day One Month–$9.97

Encouraging Text a Day

–a daily quote of encouragement to start your day right. A breath of fresh air.

Encouraging Text a Day One Month — $9.97

Daily ToDo Text a Day — $9.97

–each day, a practical idea of something to do to improve your life, your home, your finances, and more. You’ve got this!

How it works:

  1. You purchase your choice of subscription (or two!) and length for yourself or for a gift.
  2. You’ll receive an e-mail confirming your purchase.
  3. Once you fill out the form and it is processed, you’ll receive a test text, and you’re in.
  4. On the day you specify your texts will begin. Each week, you’ll receive an email with quotes in context and more.
  5. Enjoy your texts daily!